Saturday, May 1, 2021

What’s the Number One Reason People Can’t Find Love?

Since divorce is costing corporate America $300 billion in lost workplace productivity, I am going to talk about the reasons relationships fail.  In this series, I will discuss top reasons

you can’t find love. 

People believe listening means you are making eye contact and you are quiet.  For the record, most are not quiet.  They cut the other person off every time they don’t like what they hear.  As for others, they are listening to respond.  Still others are listening and comparing what is being said with what they have heard in the past.  In either case, they are not listening to understand the speaker.  If you notice, few questions are asked.  When they are, it is to invalidate what is being communicated.  

Believe it or not, people really need to be trained to listen.  In our current social structurer, it is not taught. 

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