Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Here’s Why You Should Have Sex on the First Date

This past Sunday on Straight Talk, with Ted Santos and Blair Nash, we once again took on a topic that most people avoid.  We talked about sex.  From the responses on social media, it didn’t appear people were happy with me.  As you can imagine, the topic of sex on the first date did not go over well with everyone.  At the same time, people

Sunday, January 27, 2019

What’s Wrong with Sex on the First Date?

For some reason, sex on the first date is taboo, even if both want it.  At the same time, a man is praised when he is able to persuade a woman to lay down with him on the first date.  The woman, on the other hand, may be condemned.  In some cases, the man

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Here’s Why You Should Have Sex on the First Date

There are so many books that provide relationship advice.  Some of those books provide explicit instructions on the appropriate time to have sex with a new love interest.  Some books say 30 days, while others say 90.  Then there are books that are ambiguous.  With so much different advice, it’s

Should Men Pay for Dates?

For centuries, men have been hunters.  They went on the hunt and brought home the game.  In modern society, they present game, go to work and bring home the bacon.  With this expectation, the workforce has traditionally consisted of mostly men.  In 2019, the workforce consists of

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Here’s Why Dating Is Failing

Couples around the world go on dates.  However, a date is not a date.  Even in the US, a great date is not the same for each person.  Nevertheless, regardless of country in which the date occurs, it is the man who

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Should Men Pay for Dates?

In the age of equal pay, many women brag about earning equal or more than men.  With that level of pay, should there be equal responsibility in dating?  Unfortunately, many women believe paying for a date is a man’s job.  Those women claim to be old fashion when it comes to spending their money.  However, in other aspects of the relationship, she wants

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Is It True That Men Don’t Like Listening to Women?

This had to be the liveliest show we have done so far.  And it was amazing to hear the variety of thoughts from men and women.  It seemed this show struck a nerve for everyone.  Before we hit the airwaves, the controversy started on Facebook where the topic for the show was first announced.  Once on the air, some callers were happy to engage in the topic, while others almost turned it into

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Do Men Avoid Listening to Women?

Most people claim that communication is important in love relationships. In fact, people often state it is common sense to know great communication is imperative.  Yet, the divorce courts are filled with couples who have poor communication.  How is

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Is It True That Men Don’t Like Listening to Women?

There are women who complain that men don’t listen.  Is it true that men don’t listen?  Do men check out when a woman is speaking with him?  If so, why would this happen?

According to some men, they believe women become emotional about many topics.  Men say women’s expressions are not usually logical or fact based.  Or women depend mostly on their personal experience to make their point.  And if she becomes upset or passionate about the subject, the man may feel as though he will not be able to speak.  As a result, he remains silent.  Hence, the reputation men have earned; men do not like to express themselves. 

What if men have created a false presupposition about the way women think and speak?  What if the value of the woman’s message is lost to those presuppositions, even though she is being emotional? 

On this show, Ted and Blair are going to facilitate a conversation that may be highly charged.  However, this is the opportunity to get to the bottom of it.  We invite you to help us explore this topic in search of the facts, even if it does get a little emotional.         

Join us!  Sunday, January 13, from 7:00pm-8:30pm (EST) at Straight Talk with Ted Santos and Blair Nash on Blog Talk Radio

Call to comment live at: (323) 642-1387

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Is the Career Woman Good for Society?

What a way to start the New Year.  I can only say wow!  This conversation was controversial before we hit the airwaves.  I posted the announcement on social media and the ladies started right in.  However, once on the air, it became

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Are There Benefits to Dating Career Women?

For decades, women have fought for equality in the workplace.  However, do they fight for social equality?  Social equality would require women to take on the same level of responsibility as men while dating or married.  Are most women mentally prepared for that?  Or do they want

Thursday, January 3, 2019

What Are the Pros and Cons of Dating Career Women?

Now that there are more women in the workforce than men, the odds are higher for a man to date a woman with a thriving career.  Since there are a finite amount of jobs, that means more men are displaced from the workforce than ever.  What will society do with an enormous amount of displaced men?  Will the rules of

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What Are the Top 10 Relationship Tools for 2019?

Happy New Year everyone!  This past Sunday was the last show of 2018.  Since we primarily focus on relationships, we thought we would end the year by giving away relationship tools.  So on Straight Talk, with Ted Santos and Blair Nash, we discussed the top 10 tools men can use to make relationships work.  We also wanted to know: What’s