Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Here’s Why You Should Have Sex on the First Date

There are so many books that provide relationship advice.  Some of those books provide explicit instructions on the appropriate time to have sex with a new love interest.  Some books say 30 days, while others say 90.  Then there are books that are ambiguous.  With so much different advice, it’s
no wonder many women are confused about sexuality. 

When you combine that with the fact the USA was founded by puritans who were exiled from Europe, sexuality in the US becomes even more confusing.  Puritan culture was very suppressive.  And that is the foundation of US culture.  When you build on that foundation and you attempt to appear sexually free, there is still influence from the puritans.  This means there is a certain level of sexual inhibition that is masked by promiscuity and anything goes behavior.  This inhibition happens especially for women because they are made to believe they don’t need sex as much as men.  By the way, being promiscuous does not mean you are sexually free. 

If we do a reset, we will be able to throw away outdated advice about the right moment to have sex for the first time.  On this call, we are going to hit the reset button.  We are seeking sexual freedom.   

Join us as we seek to create a new sexual paradigm that is in everyone’s best interest.  

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