Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Ted Santos Book Launch for: Here’s Why You Can’t Find Love

Today is May 18, and it is the debut of my book, Here’s Why You Can’t Find Love.  It is a dynamic book that uncovers, through story, how people sabotage relationships in love, work or play.  I use a real event where five women

interview me.  Their question starts with: Ted, what do you want from a woman?  

As the conversation progresses, we explore several aspects of blind spots people have and how they contribute to so many failed relationships.  In the beginning, the ladies were not so happy.  As the spirited discussion continued, I was forced to present details of how people create great relationships.  

It’s a must read if you want to avoid being a divorce statistic.  Or if you have been challenged to get the most out of your current relationship.  In addition, every single person would benefit greatly if they want to understand why they have not been able to make relationships work.  

The book can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, Kobo and other digital book sellers.  Or you may buy directly from my publisher’s site: https://brileybaxterbooks.com/author-ted-santos/

For those who have preordered, thank you for your support.  Please leave a review so I am able to publicize it.  I look forward to feedback from everyone.  

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