Saturday, May 8, 2021

How Do You Handle Problems in Your Relationship?

The number 7 reason could almost appear innocent. You have friends and family who traditionally look out for your best interest.  At least it seems like it should be that way.  At the same time, if you have a successful love relationship, they may be envious of it.  Most likely, they will never tell you that.  Or they will say they are envious of your relationship jokingly.

  Ha ha ha!  They are not joking.   

As soon as there is a problem in your relationship, you go to them to get feedback.  That is when hell can break lose.  

Even if it is not a person with bad intention, consider the following: 

First, they only have your side of the story.  Most people leave out certain parts.  So there are always 3 sides to the story: his side, her side and what actually happened.  Most don’t tell you what actually happened.  

Without all accurate information, it can be difficult for anyone to advise you.  They will give advice based on bad information. 

Second, they may not be good at relationships.  Except, you trust them as a friend or family member.  Look at the amount of women who go to their divorced friends for relationship advice.  That divorced friend may be the example of misery loves company.  Or they can only tell you what not to do.  They will advise you to sabotage your relationship.  

Three, a lot of times people have good intentions.  They simply don’t have all the facts, they don’t know the other party well enough or they have never had a successful relationship.  Their good intentions can simply go bad.  Now you will have interference from a third party who may or may not advise you maliciously.  It does not matter.  They have blindly interfered and caused problems you may not know how to reverse.  

This happens more than most realize.  If you’re a couple and one of you goes to a third party for advice, their advice can interfere.  If it is malicious, they will keep pouring gasoline on the fire until your relationship falls apart.  If it is good intention, they may not be able to help when the advice creates a bigger problem.  Countless relationship have died because of third party interference.  

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