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A Training Book to Transform Relationships and Corporate Culture



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Corporate America Now Has a Handbook for Team Members to

Address the $300B Productivity Suck

The Release of Self-Help Book - Here’s Why You Can’t Find Love


PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS – Briley & Baxter Publications is excited to announce the release of the self-help book, Here’s Why You Can’t Find Love, by author and executive coach, Ted Santos, available on May 18, 2021 via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Kobo and other digital booksellers.  

According to the Life Innovations Study, US businesses are losing

$300 billion in workplace productivity because many people in their organizations are considering a divorce, in the middle of a one or recovering from it. In a article, it is reported there is a decline in workplace performance by 50-75 percent, as well as time off to deal with legal, financial and psychological issues related to divorce.


Up to now, it appears no one is working to stop the bleeding of lost productivity. Businesses have accepted it as the cost of doing business. The reality is this dilemma affects our global competitiveness. In addition, the incidental impact on children and the psychology of everyone only worsens as the divorce rate and legal separation continues to remain around 50 percent.

In his book, Here’s Why You Can’t Find Love, Santos outlines techniques and tools for people to better understand their self-sabotage behaviors, and also shares practical tools to uncover blind spots that prevent people from seeing their full potential. Readers will learn how to create and maintain healthy relationships in all aspects of their lives, including their romantic, personal, familial and professional relationships.  

These are the same tools that make people more productive in the workplace. Two examples explored in the book are effective communication and conflict resolution. The tools shared in the book also help people discover things about themselves they had not realized. Santos said that one of his greatest aims for the book is that people learn who they are compatible with.  

“I wrote the book to be a $300 billion solution for corporate America.  When people can learn new communication skills, develop healthier mindsets and become better at resolving conflicts, they will have fulfilling relationships at home and work.”  

For anyone who feels they have come up empty in relationships, Here’s Why You Can’t Find Love serves as a valuable blueprint. Santos has taken his many years as an executive coach and advisor and distilled what he knows about relationships into this book. He has studied human behavior for several decades and has learned transformational lessons from chaos. He has transformed these learnings into strategies that help people through struggle, loss and grief.


"Ted Santos shows readers how to achieve a lifetime partner that shares your purpose for taking this life’s journey and to endure all enjoyments and challenges that will enter your path." - Linda Brown, Ph.D. 

"I have applied the principles in this book to my personal relationships with friends and family.  Ted Santos' techniques allow you to know how to sift out the 'not for me’s.' I can truly say that I found the principles outstanding.” - Dr. Anita Kay Martin, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

About the Author: 

Ted Santos is a successful executive coach and an advisor to middle-market CEOs. Originally from New Jersey, he has traveled the world, lived in several countries, studied human behavior, and has committed his professional life to helping people create miracles in their lives through transformational work. His experience as a corporate executive and advisor to CEOs has allowed him to share a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience through his book. Because he has partnered with many middle-market CEOs to transform corporate culture, he believes there is light at the end of the divorce tunnel. Whether he is coaching CEOs of midsize to large companies who are looking for a breakthrough, or advising individuals on how to have successful partnerships, Santos uses his understanding of human behavior as his guide.

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