Monday, June 7, 2021

What’s the #19 Reason You Can’t Find Love?

The number 19 reason you can’t find love goes against everything you have been taught.  When you understand it, you will realize an entirely new possibility for creating extraordinary relationships in all aspects of your life.  It may also cause you to reconsider who you allow in your life. 

The number 19 reason you can’t find love is

because you depend on trust.  First, trust is something that is outside of you and your significant other.  Nothing outside of the two of you can make your relationship great.  The relationship depends on the two of you.  

Second, trust never travels alone.  It always has a faithful companion waiting around the corner for an opportunity to dictate what happens in the relationship.  If you depend on trust, it is trust that is dictating what can and cannot happen in the relationship.

However, when there is a problem or simple misunderstanding, trust’s faithful companion will step in and take over.  That faithful companion is mistrust.  Therefore, instead of depending of trust to make things work, you have mistrust at the helm.  Mistrust is not interested in great relationships.  Mistrust is interested in seeing things go into chaos or dysfunction and fall apart. 

With that said, if you kill trust, mistrust dies with it.  Now there is no longer a way for something outside of your relationship to dictate what happens.  You are left with the two of you.  Ultimately, you are left with your word.  In other words, the relationship is built on two people having integrity and keeping their word.  You become your word and your word is your bond.  

While some may believe this is difficult, it is not.  We simply are not taught to think this way.  With trust and mistrust out of the picture, you can now depend on your word.  If you say you will do something, do it when you said you will.  If you said you will stop doing something, stop.  If, for example, you are meeting one another at 5:00 pm and traffic causes a delay, let him or her know immediately that you are running late.  Otherwise, simply show up a few minutes before 5:00 pm to keep your word.   

When you honor your word as yourself, neither of you has to wonder if you can trust the other.  You are now free from worrying about trust or mistrust.  You can simply enjoy the relationship.  If, however, one of you does not keep your word consistently that is a matter of integrity.  It is easier to make decisions about being in relationships with someone who lacks integrity.  If you depend on trust instead of the person’s word, you will live with hope and worry every day.  You are hoping for trust instead of mistrust.  So kill trusts and you will not be worried about either.  

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