Thursday, March 26, 2020

Is This Crisis Creating Opportunities for Your Business?

On the surface, it may appear the sky is falling.  However, when you look closer, there are opportunities.  Many of those opportunities will allow you to be of service and help make life easier for others.  On one hand, people may be quarantined in their homes indefinitely.  On the other, there are people who can
make the indefinite stay as pleasurable as possible.  Are you one of the people who can help those stuck at home?

If you are one of the people who can make this transition easier for people, you may have to start with your mindset first.  Instead of seeing this situation as hopeless, doom and gloom, look for opportunities to be of service.  Because the media has done a great job of promoting panic, you may have to transform your mindset. 

Once you begin transforming your mindset, look at how you can begin to communicate as a leader.  Showing up as a leader can take many forms. 

To support this conversation and help you create a clear roadmap, Lori and I are going to have a very special guest.  Her name is Salimah Mamdani.  Salimah’s expertise is in marketing.  She has helped some of the most well known brands develop marketing strategies.  And she has worked with small businesses that wanted to revamp their entire marketing strategy. 

Tonight will be an excellent opportunity to call in and engage her with some of your toughest concerns in this economic environment.  If you want to ensure you don’t miss new opportunities, don’t miss tonight’s show. 

Join us.

Tonight, Thursday, March 26, from 7:00pm-8:00pm (EST) at The Creative Alchemist with Ted Santos and Lori Miller on  

Call to comment live at: (516).387-1640.

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