Sunday, March 8, 2020

Are Mothers Trying to Turn Their Daughters into Men?

There was a time when femininity was treasured.  It had its place in society and intimate relationships.  For the past several decades, women have been shamed for being feminine.  They are told femininity
is weak and powerless.  As a result, many women attempt to project masculinity.  Are there consequences for this?

Without question, the biology of a male and female are different.  Males, of any age, have a biochemistry that makes them more aggressive and competitive.  Females have a biology that makes them want to bond and be nurturing.  When females are ridiculed for doing what comes natural to them, they may begin to suppress their natural urges to bond and nurture. 

That is analogous to suppressing the natural functions of an automobile.  If you suppress the flow of oil in your car’s engine, the engine will lock up and/or melt down. 

In the 21st Century, we are watching an increased number of women with high blood pressure, heart attacks, alcohol and substance and physical abuse.  What’s interesting is the fastest growing segment of heroin users is women who earn high income.  Those women are well educated.  Why are they using heroin?  In addition, record numbers of women are obese.  That in itself leads to diseases. 

With that said, are mothers killing their daughters when they attempt to make them think and function like males.  Since the end result is dysfunction and/or death, should it been seen as child abuse?  Is it a crime against humanity to force someone to be something they are not?  Is that crime affecting society as a whole?  What are the long term consequences if society stays on this path?

I urge you to join this discussion.  If we are going to put society back on to a healthier path, we MUST discuss the undiscussable. 

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