Sunday, March 29, 2020

Is the Corona Virus Killing Your Love Relationship?

When you hear the sound “mayday, mayday” on a ship, it is a distress call.  During this quarantine, “mayday” will be the sound of many people in relationships.  Too often, people have come together for the wrong reasons.  During this time of pandemonium, couples will learn whether or not they actually
like one another.  There is nothing like a good quarantine to make you face the fact you are in a relationship with someone you don’t like or respect.  Without an escape, like work, you are forced to deal with that person 24/7. 

While there will be many pregnancies in nine months, there will be many divorces.  If your marriage was weak, it will crumble under the pressure of being forced in to close quarters with one another, especially if you lack communication skills needed for high pressure situations. 

The saving grace is technology.  With video chats, people can engage friends and family around the world in real time.  It allows people to foster their bonds during these trying times.  It also allows people to receive support from friends, family and mental healthcare professionals who know how to help people bridge communication gaps. 

At the same time, not everyone handles stress with ease.  If you have young children and a spouse, you may be facing pressure unlike anything you have ever seen in your life.  You are a parent, teacher, chef, babysitter, spouse, psychologist and doctor.  In the middle of that, you are terrified that you or someone in your home can catch the deadly virus.  Since this situation is indefinite, if could appear to be an eternity.   

Let’s use this time as an outlet to support one another.  What are you going through? 

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