Sunday, March 22, 2020

Is the Corona Virus Dangerous for Everyone?

We are in the middle of making history.  The corona virus has completely changed our way of life.  To start, it is taking lives.  Those who survive it are impacted emotionally. In the US, many people are forced to not work, unemployed.  Or they are working from home.  And that creates a dynamic for those who are married and/or have children.  (That is an emotional story of it’s own.)  In addition, it has
affected how we socialize.  We have something called social distancing.  With smart phones, it seemed we had already created social distance.  While being isolated at home, we are experiencing social distance in ways that have never existed.

Furthermore, the media has sensationalized everything surrounding the virus.  Perhaps it has created an environment of panic.  However, we may not have seen the worse. 

One glimmer of light is you have not heard much about black Americans or Hispanics having the virus.  Is there a reason for that?  Are they immune to it?  While a small amount from those communities have caught the virus, the numbers have been insignificant.  If the reasons they don’t have it are eliminated, what will happen to those communities?

In other words, on the surface, it may appear the black and Hispanic communities are behind a wall of safety.  If the wall is breached, will they have the resources, in urban areas, to keep them healthy?  This will be the focal point of tonight’s discussion.  Are there preventive measures that can be taken in those communities?  If so, we are going to discuss them with the support of healthcare professionals. 

While washing your hands and wearing masks serve their purpose, your environment also plays a critical role.  The most important environment you have is the health of your body.  Is your body healthy enough to fight off the virus?  Tonight we will address preventive measures you can take regardless of your race, age or socioeconomic class.  This virus does not discriminate.

Tonight, Sunday, March 22, from 7:00pm-9:00pm (EST) at Straight Talk with Ted Santos.

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