Sunday, April 28, 2019

Are Men Having Better Luck Finding Love in Other Countries?

For decades, women in the US were asked if money or a great sex life was more important in a relationship.  Until the mid 80s, women said they preferred a great lover over money.  What happened?  How did the value system of women change?  In 2019, the workforce is filled with more women than men.  And many women earn much higher incomes than the past.  Yet, they would
still prefer money over a man who is a great lover.  Can these women be satisfied? 

With that said, a growing number of men in the US are importing love.  Whether they go overseas, find women online or meet women in the US who were raised abroad, they are choosing foreign women. 

Woman born and raised in the US could be upset with this fact.  However, being upset won’t stop the reality.  Being in a relationship is no different than purchasing a service from a company.  You buy a service with the intention to realize some satisfaction.  If you are not fulfilled with the company’s service, you go to their competitor.  If you’re a company and the potential customers go to the competitor instead of you, it is for a reason.  Today we are going to explore the reason men are going abroad for love. 

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