Sunday, April 14, 2019

What’s Your Advice?

Many of our listeners have come to depend on the solid feedback and information provided on our shows.  In fact, for the past several weeks, people have been sending Blair and I emails with requests.  People are seeking feedback on their relationship challenges.  Some are married.  Others are single.  The emails and inbox messages are coming from men and women of different ages.  While they have all requested to
remain anonymous, they would like to hear different perspectives from other listeners. 

So today we are going to do just that.  We will tell you the situation for several people.  Here are two:

Case one:

Ok Blair, here’s my question. I'm a newlywed. I believe in submission. I serve my king and also allow him to manage our finances. He does well and we have plenty in savings. He gives me an allowance to take care of the groceries, my hair, and lunch for the week. I asked him for extra last week to treat myself to a massage and he told me no because it wasn't in the budget. I'm pissed and I feel like I shouldn't even have to ask. I can’t withdraw the funds myself because my name is not on the savings account. I've stopped depositing my check into our joint account. I'd love to hear your communities thoughts on this!

Case two:

I have always been attracted to older women. I have been divorced for four years from a woman who was 12 years my senior. I just exited a relationship with a woman 6 years my senior (I’m 45 btw). This latest relationship was great at the start. Both independent, Great dynamics, interest, attraction etc.…Everything was there and going well. However when it lead to the bedroom, she would always wear this black Bonnet and nothing else. I would satisfy her but could never climax myself.

After the third encounter, she called me up and asked “why don’t you ever get off?”
I did not have the heart to tell her “Well every time we are having intercourse, I feel like I am with somebody’s Big Momma” and not the sexy woman she is “pre-bonnet.” So I just told her “I got stamina like that.” My question is this; Was I wrong for not being truthful in this situation? I feel like I let my pettiness ruin what could have been a great and lasting relationship. However, I feel like the truth would have just caused unnecessary conflict and hurt.

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