Thursday, April 25, 2019

Are Men Having Better Luck Finding Love in Other Countries?

Some say love is love no matter where you get it.  Others say that you can’t help who you love.  Therefore, love can be found anywhere, even where you are.  However, has love become less of a priority in the US?  Has being
tough and independent become a greater priority than love? 

With that said, there is a growing number of men pursuing women in other countries.  Places like the Philippines, Russia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic, to name a few, are attracting US men in huge numbers.  What has men fascinated with these exotic women?  Is it looks?  Is it their value system?  Or do they believe they have a better chance of being fully loved? 

While finding love abroad is not without its challenges, men continue to flock to these foreign women. Some of these women from other countries are only seeking to lay their feet on US soil.  Once here, they may abandon the man who brought them over.  Those women believe there are greater opportunities in the US.  Yet, with that knowledge, men in the US continue to seek the love of their life in foreign lands.

Is a man’s quest for love in foreign lands a message to women in the US?  Are women in the US listening?  Or are women holding their ground of “take me the way I am or leave it”? 

These questions and many more need to be addressed and discussed.  This Sunday we are going to do just that.

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