Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Is It Possible to Marry Someone Wealthy and Still Lose?

Unless you live on another planet, you’ve no doubt heard multiple discussions on how R&B superstar Ciara & Seahawks QB, Russell Wilson, got together.  You may even know why they’re together, who her ex is (rapper Future) and a long dirty
laundry list of who is being immature/petty, etc, etc.

We love to shade individuals who speak on celebs and are curious about their lives. However, oft times if you pay close attention to the LESSONS vs. being a fan, there are life lessons you can pick up on.

I get asked several times a week – and have explained to many of you – why many men have issue with the way Russ & Ciara got together. (And nah, the issue is not jealousy. At all).

Tune in to this interesting take on why Russell Wilson’s marriage is seen as “lame” to most bruhs. We’ll be taking your questions, and would ask that you to Call In to the show and voice your opinion.

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