Thursday, May 2, 2019

Why Is Polygamy Becoming Popular in the USA?

If a man is seeing two women and lies to one or both, he is cheating.  A man living with two women at the same time is called a Polygamist.  And he is a
different kind of man when compared to the cheater. 

Polygamy isn’t new. It’s been practiced around the world for thousands of years. It’s part of many cultures, including some in Africa, and plenty of people in the United States practice it as well.”  The Mormons are well known for it. 

Today 84% of people in the US say they find polygamy morally objectionable.  That’s down from 93% in 2001.

For the tens of thousands of families in the US who practice polygamy and other poly lifestyles, it’s not only considered normal, but many believe it’s the only way to go. They’re willing to risk societal stigma, heartache, and even possible arrest to live a lifestyle of their choice.

As it stands, when you hear polyamorous or polygamy mentioned, most individuals jump to “oh. He sounds like one of those guys, who just wants multiple pieces of in-house a** at his disposal.”  What most don’t realize is that it’s quite a bit more involved than that.

We’ll be discussing the origins of the “poly” lifestyle. We’re going to speak on why it’s having a rebirth, speak on the pros and cons… well as chat with numerous individuals who are quite familiar with how it operates.

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