Sunday, May 10, 2020

Will the Pandemic Shut Women Out of the Workforce?

In the face of covid-19, social distancing has served as a blessing and a curse.  It has served to slow the spread of the virus.  And it has created a dilemma for the school system.  It appears to be a little more difficult to keep children in a classroom at a reasonable distance from one another.  If you have young children, you understand the
consequences of having them at home 24/7 – indefinitely.  Under normal conditions, when you are at work, the school system is the default babysitter.  Now the schools are unable to do that.  And the daycare centers are closed as well.  In a litigious society, no one is will to risk children being infected. 

What makes matters worse is the cry from the public.  Many states are demanding we return to business as usual.  That means opening the economy up so people can go to work, earn money and produce goods and services.  On one hand, this sounds good if everyone is safe.  On the other, what happens to single mothers who cannot leave their children at home alone?

In a covid-19 environment, it is unwise to leave your children with just anyone.  It may even be unsafe to leave them with their grandparents.  This may mean single mothers cannot return to work, even if their job demands it.  This creates a risk of many single women losing their jobs to men, women with older children or no children.  With so many single mothers, this could be a very disruptive paradigm shift. 

How will this affect dating and relationships?  Will women become more cooperative with men who have sufficient resources?  Will women’s attitudes towards men change?  Will more women become recipients of welfare?  Does that take the US down the path of socialism?   

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