Sunday, May 24, 2020

Here’s Why Only Married Women Should Be Allowed to Vote in the US

In ancient Greece, women were property and never allowed the right to vote.  Slaves, freed slaves and foreigners were also denied to right to vote.  For men to vote, you had to be a contributing citizen of society.  That means men had to complete
military training.  Once completed, they were expected to participate in government. 

In the US, most have the right to vote.  However, some question whether or not that is in the best interest of the nation. 

On the surface, it seems like a great idea to allow everyone to vote.  Foreigners become citizens and vote.  People who were incarcerated can vote when released.  People on welfare also vote.  Like the ancient Greeks, people who have served in the military vote as well.  Then there is a host of others who are simply regular people who work or own businesses and don’t fit into above categories. 

The US sociopolitical structure is much more loosely organized than ancient Greece.  And that is the concern.  Are people really voting for the best interest of the nation?  Or are they only concerned about self-interest?  If only married women were allowed to vote, would they be less likely to support government handouts, like welfare and affirmative action? 

As a rule, women tend to be more emotional.  When you are voting, it is best to vote for politicians who support referendums that are in the best interest of all.  That means you don’t focus on gender or race.  If policies are created that neglect one gender or race, it will eventually negatively affect the entire population.  Simply look at today’s social dilemma.  Currently, 51% of the workforce is made up of women.  As a result of that decision, millions of men have been displaced and unemployed.  Since women don’t like to marry unemployed men, there is less marriage and more single mother households.  Single mother households are breeding grounds for future criminals, substance and alcohol abusers and child victims of suicide.  This is a short-list of problems that follow single parent households.   

With that said, what appeared to be beneficial to women has been detrimental to society.  What’s worse is women do not appear to be aware of this fact.  Or they simply don’t care.  At this point, it would seem that many women made decisions based on emotions.  Emotions may be insufficient to make policies to support a thriving nation.  Perhaps it is time to go back to the sociopolitical structure of ancient Greece.  Maybe their social structures were a warning.  And we ignored it.

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