Friday, May 1, 2020

What Tools Do You Have to Handle Stress, Anxiety and Total Disruption?

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The corona virus has forced lifestyle changes around the world and in a blink of an eye we went from our normal lives, to quarantine.  Our schools, recreation centers, restaurants and jobs closed until further notice.  We are now working from home or unemployed.  Homes that were once our sanctuary are
prisons with families as cellmates.

As a parent, you are both teacher and babysitter. It is imperative that schoolwork is completed and meals are served throughout the day.

If you have never worked from home with your children in the house, it is
double duty.  In a matter of minutes you are teacher, employee, chef, parent and
spouse. Within these roles there is no separation. It¹s a madhouse! Did I mention the
ongoing fear of being infected by this virus?

These are unprecedented times.  How many of us have been trained to effectively communicate in this chaotic environment?

Chaos itself is not a problem. It is how we respond to it that makes it a problem.  Reactions are based on how we see ourselves in the situation.  While there are many ways to react to chaos, the words victor or victim will determine the kind of communication we express.  This will be especially important since we are quarantined with our families.

On May 5, Ted Santos, who is an advisor to CEOs, entrepreneurs and other executives who want to make significant changes in revenue growth and corporate culture and Lori Miller who is a licensed therapist for families, couples and individuals will provide a mini workshop through a webinar that will give you the tools to effectively manage stress, improve communication, and help you to develop a mindset that can withstand this chaos and the ability to take control of yourself; even in an environment filled with uncertainty.

This webinar is an opportunity to learn how to bring peace into your home and turn a forced quarantine into memorable moments that you will cherish forever.  Is that really possible?

Join us on Tuesday May 5th at 11am for this thought-provoking mini workshop that will arm you with the necessary tools for a Covid-19 quarantine.

To register, go to: Tools for a Covid-19 Environment

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