Sunday, August 25, 2019

Are There Challenges to Having a Relationship with a Career Woman?

If you ask career women if she presents challenges to men, she may say no.  Yet, there are many unmarried career women who claim they cannot find a suitable mate.  For example, in the late 80s, the Wall Street Journal did a story on a small group of women in their mid 40s.  Those women went on a crusade to help young girls avoid the career trap.  These ladies had never been married, no children and no prospect for a husband.  When asked, they said they
wanted marriage and children.  So they traveled around the US to speak to girls in high school.  They wanted the young girls to understand that they needed to decide if they wanted marriage and children and what decisions needed to be made to turn that plan into reality. 

However, women have been told they can have it all.  They can have the bolstering career, a husband and children.  And everything will just work itself out.  Does that mean career is more important than providing parental love and affection to children?  Who will raise the children?  Are children learning the values of their parents?  Or are they learning the values of people at daycare?  Are men being asked to stay at home?  What is the psychological impact for men who don’t want to stay home?  Is there an impact when the wife earns more than the husband? 

These are just some of the complications of a career woman.  At the same time, can there be value added to the family when the wife has a strong career with a powerful network?  Can that turn the couple into the dynamic duo if they both have great careers?  Or can a wife with a great career be an asset to a husband who starts a business? 

While it is easy to claim it is up to the individual, there are many career women who cannot find a compatible spouse.  Let’s open up this complex topic and dive into it.  Join us this Sunday. 

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