Sunday, August 11, 2019

Do Women Know What Men Want?

From little boys, men are told all the things they should do for girls and women.  We hear it from our parents, teachers, friends, family and media.  We know our role and some do it better than others.  Furthermore, our role is so well known that even women know what we are supposed to do.  They have memorized the entire list and
added to it. 

However, when you ask a woman about the list of things she is to do for a man, you get blank stares.  If you push hard enough, she tells you sex and cooking.  Yet, many were never taught to cook. 

At the same time, women don’t believe they are responsible for knowing what a man needs.  You often hear women say a man should speak up and tell a woman what he needs. How does that work?  Men should know what women need.  Women do not need to know what men need.  Remember.  Men are simple creatures.  How can you have a good relationship with a woman who has not been educated about the role she plays in a relationship? 

I haven’t even touched the fact there are women who don’t want to fulfill a man’s needs.  They say they just don’t want to.

Well this Sunday we are going educate women and set the record straight.   

Tonight, Sunday, August 11, from 7:00pm-8:30pm (EST) at Straight Talk with Ted Santos.

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