Sunday, August 18, 2019

Do Women Know How to Pursue Men?

When it comes to dating, there is a social constrict that says: “men are hunters”.  Therefore, it is only natural for men to pursue women.  In the animal kingdom, no animal hunts for sex.  They only hunt for sustenance.  That means animals only hunt for that which feeds and nourishes them.  When it comes to a mate and sex, male animals
spread their colorful feathers, as peacocks do or they set up an attractive place to make a female want to enter.  In other cases, they fight the male to win the affection of his female, as lions do. 

Therefore, it is a misnomer that any male animal hunts for sex.  All males set up shop to attract females.  As humans, men buy cars, big houses, acquire knowledge, money, power, muscles, etc.  Those are all designed to attract the pick of the litter.  If you observe, it works.  For men who have not acquired “things”, they may have to hunt because they have nothing else to offer a woman.  His offering is clever lines designed to make her feel good momentarily.    

If you take a closer look, when women see a man who has amassed power and money, she becomes the huntress.  The very same women who claim men should pursue them have no problem pursuing a man who is rich and famous.  So is it more natural for men or women to pursue sex?  Or do women avoid pursuing men because they don’t know how?  Or they are afraid of rejection?   

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