Sunday, December 9, 2018

Why Does Sex Conjure Up So Much Fear and Controversy?

Everyone wants to have sex.  But no one wants to really talk about it.  In fact, in the US, we have created an entire Broadway play around sex.  It’s an awkward dance of pretense.  If you’re a man, you pretend you have a large macho sex drive.  If you’re a woman, you pretend sex is not important to you.  Then everyone pretends
they don’t think about it.  And, if someone mentions it, it’s taboo.  Even 30 years after the fact you can find yourself being sued or in prison because you brought up the topic of sex. 

How could we do this with such an important aspect of life?  Sex is the most important part of human existence.  Without it, none of us would be here.  And it may be the greatest source of pleasure.  Yet, it seems we are missing out on what is possible in sex. 

Great sex requires one to know their body and empty their mind.  Since there are so many unfulfilled sexual experiences occurring, Straight Talk is going to dig in and find out what is really happening. 

Join us today and we will stretch, provoke, even poke and arouse your thinking.

Tonight, December 9, from 7:00pm-8:00pm (EST) at Straight Talk with Ted Santos and Blair Nash on Blog Talk Radio.

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