Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Who Needs Sex More: Men or Women?

For decades, there has been a rumor that men only want one thing – sex.  The rumor has been told for so many years that even some men believe it’s true.  Then they get into a serious relationship and learn their needs go
well beyond sex, even though it’s extremely important. 

While sex is important, it can be taboo to discuss, even in a mature way.  Because many women believe it’s the only thing a man wants, she has her guard up to protect herself from a man’s fiendish sexual desires.  Yet, women are just a desirous of sex as men.  

On the other hand, the topic of sex brings excitement and chemistry between a man and woman if skillfully done.  It can even make the couple believe they are compatible, especially if the sex is good. 

With all this said, the offense of a man and defense of a woman can make the pursuit of sex like a jui-jitsu match.  The man wants to pin the woman in bed and she is attempting to avoid being pinned, while she secretly wants to be pleased sexually. 

How did we create such a convoluted culture?  Sex is as natural as eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom.  Our bodies need it.  And we can’t even talk about it without the fear of severe consequences. 

On Straight Talk, we are going to dive right into it (no pun intended).  We are going to get to the bottom and see what comes up.   

Join us and give us your thoughts!        

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