Tuesday, June 17, 2014

4 Steps to Developing a Winning Attitude

While there are many ways to develop a winning attitude, there are 4 steps that cannot be avoided. Without these four steps, you may realize accomplishment for a while. Except, eventually the imminent obstacles will derail you if you lack a winning attitude. When you take these four steps, you will discover that a winning attitude has always been part of whom you are. These steps are a matter of uncovering the part of you that has always been there waiting to be revealed.

The four steps are the following:

Train your mind to focus – While this sounds simple, the focus to which I refer is very different than what you may
believe. Before you can focus on what you want to achieve, you must uncover the recorded messages you inherited from your environment. By this, I am saying that each of us has a tape recording of voices that provides us with instructions or a view of reality. Those instructions empower or discourage us. Depending on our age, race, gender, physical size, etc. those recordings will tell us what we can and cannot do. Those recordings presuppose who becomes a star athlete or corporate executive. Some people are born into an environment that empowers them to be the athlete or executive. In other communities, they are told that ‘you have no chance. So be happy with what you get’.

Over time, we no longer hear those voices. However, they still play in the background and shape our thoughts and actions. When you listen closely, you will find those voices are not your own. They are the voices of parents, teachers, neighbors, friends, the media, etc. 

Once you can distinguish those voices, you will have the possibility of choice. You can choose to continue to follow them. Or you can create empowering messages of your own. Once you have created new messages, you must diligently focus on them to the exclusion of old discouraging messages/recordings.

Develop a network of support – As you are creating new messages, it is imperative to build a network of support. While it is critical to have empowering conversations with yourself, it is equally as important to have encouraging discussions with others. The people who support you on your journey to develop a winning attitude can enrich your life by adding their unique perspective and brainstorming with you. Conversely, they provide you with the opportunity to uncover debilitating blind spots.

While you benefit from their encouragement, it is important that you enrich their lives as well.

Develop communication skills – If you have a great and positive focus and an empowering network of support, you will eventually encounter frustration and discouragement if you lack communication skills. Part of a winning attitude happens when you are able to effectively communicate your vision to others, even in the face of obstacles.

With that said, great communication skills are not just speaking. It means you are also a great listener.

Practice – Whether it’s training your mind to stay focused or developing communication skills, you may find that you are not the best in the beginning. That is not a reason to quit. It is imperative that you practice your craft, your profession or expertise, as well as the 3 steps to develop a winning attitude. Each hour you practice brings you one step closer to achieving successful outcomes.

Good luck!

What do you think? I’m open to ideas. Or if you want to write me about a specific topic, let me know.

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  1. Can positive attitude help us in better & effective communication?? Convincing people and making them think from our point of view. Is this possible to derive from a great Positive approach?? What can be the best way to turn people's minds as per our approach? To make them understand & convince them on our side?