Thursday, April 22, 2021

Why Is Corporate America Losing $150 Billion Every Year?

According to Harvard Business Review, corporate America is losing $150 billion in workplace productivity every year because of one word.  Divorce!  In a Life Innovations Study, they concluded $300 billion is being lost because of relationship related stress. In any company, a percentage of your employee population is in one of three categories

- headed for divorce, in the middle of one or just coming out of it.  With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, many employees are distracted and distraught.  That makes them less productive at work.  

Up to now, there has been no attempt to stop the bleeding of lost productivity.  We accept it as business as usual.  

The irony is most couples marry for love and divorce for irreconcilable differences.  The inability to reconcile differences could be reduced if people had a clearer vision for marriage, stronger competencies in conflict resolution and tools to understand self sabotage.  Those same abilities can make employees more valuable to the corporation even if they are not married.  

For the first time, a book has been written to help individuals build stronger intimate relationships while simultaneously positively impacting workplace performance.  It also answers the question many are asking: why can’t I find love?  That question is even more relevant to the unhappily married.  The book is called…(Stay Tuned for the answer)   


  1. Ted has uplifted the lives of people and big businesses by boldly exposing and surgically dissecting hair-raising facts about neglected truths. As such, Ted offers a public service to be celebrated as the genre of "relationships" and "divorce" touches everyone. I can not wait to purchase a copy of your book. Congratulations!

    -Ginell D. Santos, Esq. (Founder and CEO, Santos Capital)