Thursday, October 1, 2020

Is Success the Fastest Path to Failure?

When Great Companies Don¹t Have Problems, They Will Eventually Have Problems

Most CEOs do a good job of effectively growing their business.  However,
very few are able to intentionally create breakthroughs.  The list gets
shorter when you speak of leaders who are able to consistently produce
extraordinary results over long periods of time.  What sets them apart?

If you observe, the greatest leaders have all been able to intentionally
create problems.  While this may appear counterintuitive, it is one major
factor for why they consistently produce breakthroughs.  People like Steve
Jobs, Elon Musk and Henry Ford were highly committed CEOs who consistently
led innovative initiatives.  When you dig deep, you see they always created
problems for the organization to solve.  Because most people believe leaders
are supposed to solve problems, many avoid this unique strategy.  It¹s
understood because, in general, people who intentionally create problems can
put others in a state of chaos.

For this insightful and thought provoking discussion, we will interview the
co-host of The Creative Alchemist.  He will talk about how he has trained
CEOs and other executives to intentionally produce breakthroughs by first
creating breakdowns.  The key, he says, is mindset.  Most people believe
chaos is a problem.  It is not.  How you handle yourself in the situation
will determine if chaos turns into disaster or opportunity.

He will be interviewed by his co-host, Lori Miller.  You don¹t want to miss
the chance to call in and ask him about your most complex business

The show starts, Thursday, October 1, from 7:00pm-8:00pm (EST) at The
Creative Alchemist with Ted Santos and Lori Miller on

To hear the show live, click:

Call to comment live at: (516) 387-1640.

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