Sunday, October 4, 2020

Can a Promiscuous Woman Be a Good Wife?

This is not a popular topic.  However, it is the dead elephant in the room.
In the 1970s, feminists assured women they could do anything a man can do.
In fact, they told women that promiscuity was a way to show how powerful and
lberated they were.  They claimed that men can sleep with multiple women.
Therefore, women can do the same.

If you fast-forward to 1997, you have the beginning of 'girls gone wild'.
This was a celebration of sexually promiscuous college girls who engaged in
an 'anything goes' fest, especially during spring break.  At the top of the
list was promiscuity.

Yet, for some reason, after 23 years, you have not seen an episode of
'whatever happened' to the girls that went wild.  Have they grown up to be
high-powered executives in corporate America? Or are they the model mother
and wife with 2 1/2 children in the suburbs?

In the 21st Century, many studies have to done to point out what happens to
promiscuous women. Perhaps the scientific community is wrong.  Maybe the
feminists were right with their belief that women really can be promiscuous.

In addition to science and feminists, there are men who choose women based
on a mixture of traditional and modern day standards.  Are promiscuous women
at the top of the list for men of means?  Let¹s open the can of worms and
fish for some answers.

Join us for a thought provoking and sensitive topic.

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