Sunday, June 21, 2020

How Do You Make Corporations Profitable Again? Remove Most Women from the Workforce

For decades, we have heard the pundits pontificate about the importance of hiring women in the workforce.  What no one addresses is whether or not society has benefited.  When you ask the question, women only address the selfish gains to women.  No one wants to address the
social impact to society.  In addition to social impact, what is the impact to corporations’ profits?  When you understand the facts, you begin to see how profits also affect social structures.

To start, productivity in the workforce has dropped.  That affects wage growth.  At one time, there was a direct relationship between wage growth and productivity; they both increased.  Since productivity has dropped since the late 60s, wages have stagnated as well.  Because wages have stagnated, most households need two salaries. 

When you look at the social impact of two parents working, you see education quality for children drop.  With a drop in education quality, you see crime increase.  With an increase in crime, you need more police officers.  Where does that money come from?  I have not touched the impact on divorce, which feeds into the vicious cycle. 

While there are jobs women do better than men, it does not justify hiring women who feel entitled.  Fulfilling the entitlement need creates a high cost to society.  At some point, we all pay for it.

The jury is in and the statistics are clear.  Let’s discuss the realities of filling the workforce with women.    

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