Sunday, November 10, 2019

Has Black Lives Matter Been Beneficial for the Black Community?

Without getting into who funds BLM, George Soros and the Ford Foundation, what has BLM done for the black community?  It seems they are Johnny on the spot when a black man is beaten or killed by non-black police officers.  Yet, they are nowhere to be found when a black man is killed through gang violence.  The paradox is they get great exposure when a black male is abused by law enforcement.  At the same time, they are against
cisgender and promote the disruption of the nuclear family.  Their primary focus is to support transgenders and single mother households.    

For clarity, a cisgender is someone whose sense of identity corresponds with their birth sex.  If you were born male, you identify as a man.  Therefore, if you are a black male, in the eyes of BLM, you are already privileged.  Therefore, they do not care about you until they need publicity. 

When you say black lives matter, the assumption is being black is sufficient to matter to BLM.  Except, it appears “what they believe” the only lives that matter are the lives of women and transgenders. 

In addition, when you search for BLM’s accomplishments, there are none.  There are no tangible policy changes or job creation.  They have had meetings with politicians and no clear measurable goals to be implemented after the meeting. 

It appears BLM is an ornament on a shelf to make people feel good.  If anything, they are promoting that they don’t need men.  And their claim to fame is stopping traffic to protest against abuse of the very people they do not care about – men.    

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