Sunday, June 9, 2019

Top 10 Relationship Killers!

In January, we gave the top 10 things to do to make a relationship work.  This Sunday we are going to provide the top 10 things you should never do. 

Some of the items on the list may appear to be common sense.  Yet, they
happen every day and become the catalyst for destroying good relationships.  That goes to show that common sense isn’t so common.  Furthermore, what’s common sense to one person is an epiphany to another.  So let’s talk about it.

Some of the items are hidden traps in relationships.  These are things that we do.  Except, we don’t believe they do much harm.  Contrary to popular belief many of these things are the cause for resentment and the start of tit for tat dynamics.  These are the silent relationship killers.  They are the not so obvious time bombs.  And we are going to dismantle them and help you understand why you should avoid them. 

Join us for a discussion that just might give you a new perspective on relationships.

Tonight, Sunday, June 9, from 7:00pm-8:30pm (EST) at Straight Talk with Ted Santos and Blair Nash.

Call to comment or ask questions live at: (323) 642-1387.

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