Sunday, June 30, 2019

Does Sex Help or Hurt Wealth Building?

For most, sex is a feel good activity.  Unfortunately, in the USA, most women never have the complete experience of how good sex can be.  According to a September 21, 2017, article in Metro, titled Almost 80% of Women Don’t Orgasm from Penetrative Sex, many women in the US never reach a climax.  So why are they having sex?  In some marriages, they are not.  Furthermore, there are millions of men
and women who abstain from sex and practice celibacy.  They haven’t had sex 5, 10 and even sometimes 20+ years.  Why?

Some people practice celibacy for religious reasons.  Others are so disenchanted with the opposite sex they refuse to engage one another in intimate relationships. 

Yet, sex is much more important than a feel good moment.  Statistically there are couples that benefit economically from very active sex lives.  More important than personal economics is the intention of sex.  Is sex really about the climax?  

Sex is the most important part of nation building.  The nation or community’s physical and mental well being is predicated on sex.  Why?  There are aspects of sex that can build a powerful nation or birth a weak and poverty stricken community that moves aimlessly through life.  How do you know if you are building a weak or powerful nation through your sexuality? 

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