Monday, September 17, 2018

Guess Who’s Making a Major Change?

Friends & Family: Many of you are aware that I am aboutto make a major change in my life.  I have created a platform that takes me from working with executives to working with anyone who wants success.  My experience advising executives helped me to become more insightful into the challenges that cause people to achieve their most important desires as well as the ones that stop them.  As an advisor, I have seen some of the smartest and most successful people sabotage great plans.  That experience showed me that everyone has
blind spots.

In a time when life has become more complicated, people tend to sabotage some of the most important aspects of their lives.  Perhaps the most important aspect of life is the choice of a significant other.

The next move in my life will be to build a platform that is for men and built by men.  I will partner with Blair Nash to do this.  Blair has three books on relationships and does workshops around the country.  And he has hosted a live radio talk show.

Blair and I see a gap in our society.  We are going to fill it.  For the past few decades, women have had many platforms to make demands and openly discuss life challenges – personal and professional.  Blair and I have created a live, call-in talk radio show.  Through it, men will be able to discuss their greatest concerns when it comes to women.  Whether you are constantly stuck in the friend zone, disappointed because you choose the wrong women, find yourself in a rut with your love life or headed for divorce.  Who do guys talk to?  This show will also be excellent for women who want to know what men really want. 

Tune in for more details.
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