Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Is It True That Racism Died?

This may be the most controversial article you’ve ever read.  At the same time, controversial conversations can alter your perspective of reality.  Altered perspectives can usher in new actions. 

I wish this were an easy conversation.  It’s not.  It really is analogous to telling
the scientific world that the earth is not the center of the universe.  Copernicus was ostracized for that.  Therefore, there is a social risk to say everything I am about to say. 

To start, mindset is key.  The mindset you have is a reflection of the reality you were given.  The only reality you can have is the one your environment gave you.  If you were told the earth was the center of the universe, that is your reality, even if it is not a fact.  That is an example of how one’s environment has blind spots.     

One of the biggest problems with the reality you were given is you believe it is right.  And you will do anything to defend it.  That has been part of the reason for wars and all kinds of disputes.  People would rather be right about the belief system their environment gave them.  That’s the stuff religious dogma is made of. 

To set the stage, you have been taught white supremacy.  That’s an oxymoron.  Those two words cannot go together as long as you – black people – exist anywhere in the universe.  Whites have known this for decades.  I’m aware that in the 1950s hospitals started testing infants immediately after birth.  They tested a black and white baby side by side.  The black child always clearly demonstrated superior and advanced brain function and motor skills.  The fact black Americans complain about white supremacy is an example of how you promote things that don’t exist.  In fact, every time you talk about it you speak it into existence.

In 1994, racism died.  Black Americans were embraced in the business and political world in a way that had not happened, in what is called the United States of America.  The fact it died is the reason the stage was set for Barak Obama to win the presidential campaign.  Before Obama, you had the first black governor in the US: Doug Wilder in Virginia – 1990-1994.  Also, David Dinkins as mayor of NYC 1990-1993.  Whether people liked Wilder or Dinkins was irrelevant.  Both men proved it was possible for a black person to run for office, win and serve their term.  Doors opened after this.  For example, the first black person to become CEO of a major publicly traded company was Robert “Bob” Holland.  He became CEO of Ben & Jerry’s in 1995. 

Many black Americans missed the open door.  Instead of walking through it, they complained.  If they would have trained and developed themselves for the opportunities on the other side of the door, they would have exploited the marketplace and hired one another, once inside.  This could have happened if you were an employee or entrepreneur.  By the way, college degree does not prepare you for the opportunities on the other side of the door.  Constant training and development has to happen.  Professional athletes understand that.  That is why a person like Usain Bolt is able to break his own world records.  It is also the reason people like Steve Jobs can attain his level of success after completing only one semester of college. 

Part of what black Americans complained about was the result of interracial fighting.  Black men and women were engaged in a battle of the sexes.  That was and has always been a distraction.  Now that the black family structure has been decimated, black Americans are waking up.  However, you are waking up to the aftermath of war.  And it is still happening with black men shooting one another.  Too many boys grew up without a father.  Too many women said they didn’t need a man.  While it is true that white women put bait out for black women with the feminist movement, they did not have to take it.  When you take bait from someone, you allow them to shape your environment and create your reality.  Now you’re in an ugly hole and have no idea how you got there.  If you look back, there has been one distraction after another.  Now poverty has increased in the black community compared to 1965 when over 70% of black households had both biological parents.  Incarceration also increased while the percentage of black businesses has decreased. 

Stop taking the bait!  If it is not about economic power in the black community, it’s a distraction.  That includes protesting, fighting and complaining.  You cannot protest your way to success.  You have to build.  Going forward the choice is yours.  Take the bait or create.            

What do you think? I would love to hear your feedback.  And I’m open to ideas.  Or if you want to write me about a specific topic, let me know.


  1. Wow! Thank you for writing and for shading light and offering hope. Blaming, complaining and making excuses never works. There is no such thing as a good excuse. When you blame and complain you lose control and empower your circumstances and advisories to rule over you. There is one human race and the black and white divide is a bogus social construct. Get over it!

    1. Wow! Thank you and you're welcome. You got what I was saying. Yes, complaining does give your power to the other. It also allows them to give you crumbs to silence you. Those crumbs create a mindset of complacency.