Monday, June 11, 2012

What The World Needs Now...

Dionne Warwick said “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” For sure, we could never have enough of that. Perhaps that is what we need first. However, without responsibility, we could have the 1960s again. In that era, there was lots of loving without responsibility. Thus, what the world needs now is a new relationship to responsibility.

To help people better understand responsibility, I have outlined possibilities for a world from my perspective. It is a perspective that is neither right nor wrong. It is a world where we are responsible for what we think, say, and how we engage one another.

What the world needs now is a
mirror and a big pill to swallow. By that I mean, before we point the finger at our neighbor and blame him for the criminals and corrupt leaders, we need to understand that each of us has had input into raising, educating, and training every bad leader or criminal. Without the examples we set before children, they would know nothing about deception or bad behavior. Before we blame, we should look in the mirror.

In fact, it is not always our actions that influence others. How we think can have more power than what we do. Our thoughts significantly impact what we say or don’t say, do and don’t do. It’s imperative then that we learn to think and act in the best interest of everyone.

What the world needs now is a planet of people who can clearly articulate what they want instead of complain about what they don’t want. We need to understand that what and how we think are essential for success and happiness. Without knowing what we want, having a plan to get there, and the courage to take action, we fall into the trap of talking about what we don’t like. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. An education that teaches us to think rather than regurgitate information can help combat this. 

What the world needs now is a new paradigm for education. Learning never stops. There need to be structures for educating people throughout life. People should be taught to think for themselves, rather than memorize the thoughts and works of others. They need to be able to effectively think through unrelated topics, concrete or abstract, and be able to piece them together like a puzzle. That way they will see the impact that one decision in Chicago can have on millions in Australia. With this kind of education, people will become better decision makers. 

Additionally, the world needs an educational system that teaches children about their sexuality. Children need to understand the profoundness of sex and how it empowers by revitalizing the mind and body when practiced appropriately. They should also understand that sex is an incredible catalyst for creativity. Conversely, they need to understand the emotional pain and physical diseases acquired when it is abused from excess, infidelity, and/or multiple partners. They should also understand that when used to manipulate or control their partner, it backfires and stagnates creativity, personal and professional growth. At worst, that behavior becomes a portal for poverty. 

Furthermore, kids should be taught the values and practices of good health. They need to understand their bodies and the correct types of food to enhance physical health. They will also need to learn the balance of physical, emotional and intellectual health. Children have to understand they have one body and it is their responsibility to keep it healthy.

What the world needs now is a medical profession paid to keep us healthy instead of sick. We need doctors and psychologists who are responsible for helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle, understanding both mind and body. And if a person’s body falls out of alignment, the medical practitioner needs to be able to get to the source of the imbalance, and help the patient move back in the direction of good health, without the detrimental side effects.

What the world needs now are politicians and business leaders who are willing to be honest with the people. The leaders need to be able to talk through the discomfort that can surround the truth. At the same time, the world needs people who do not condemn leaders for being honest. We currently have a world enamored with people who speak in political correctness. People like hearing what they want to hear. Anything outside of that is uncomfortable or sometimes confusing. That trains leaders to omit and paint pretty flowers over the truth.

So you see, responsibility is first. When you are responsible for what you think, feel, and do, there is no one to blame. When you make a mistake, it is your responsibility to clean things up for what you did, instead leaving the other person to figure out what happened.

When you are responsible, it is on you to ensure the other parties understand what you are saying. On the other hand, it is also your responsibility to make sure you understand what is being said, instead of leaving the conversation confused.

Responsibility is a full time occupation. It requires you to own your strengths and use them to contribute to the world. It means understanding your weaknesses and making the effort to develop them.

It’s our world. We are responsible for it. If we refuse to be more responsible, where are we headed?

What do you think? I’m open to your ideas. 


  1. Well said, I agree wholeheartedly!
    @muttslikeme on Twitter

  2. Thank you. My list is a small sample of what the world needs. I welcome your thoughts on what you think the world needs now.