Sunday, January 17, 2021

Do You Have a Coach or Mentor?

Today is International Mentoring Day.  To commemorate this day, we are going to reflect on the effectiveness of mentoring and coaching.  To help us understand the impact of coaching and mentoring, we are going to look at what

executives around the world say about their leadership development programs. 

One of the major resources for this discussion will be McKinsey & Company. They are the premier global consulting firm. They hire a lot of smart people.  As a result, they provide insights that rise above the rest and
dive deeper to ensure the reader has a grasp on the challenges they are facing. 

Whether you are an executive, entrepreneur, parent or employee, leadership is necessary. Even the receptionist needs leadership skills to know how to direct in-coming calls or visitors to the office.

In the dating world, more and more women are demanding men be great leaders.  However, if most of the books and leadership development programs are failing to meet the needs of people, where will men go to develop these skills many ladies are demanding?

For the first time, I will display many of the leadership skills I have developed through my personal and professional life.  These are the skills that have allowed me to lead family through some of the most chaotic circumstances.  Fortunately, many of those same skills were transferable to my position as an executive in a fast growing company with nearly 200 people.  Shortly after running businesses I enhanced my skills by working for a consulting firm that provide leadership development services and mindset training. 

Today I will be at your service to help you overcome some of the professional or personal challenges. Join me for an interactive discussion and gain the benefit of a virtual coach/mentor.

Tonight, Sunday, January 17, from 7:00pm-9:00pm (EST) at Straight Talk with Ted Santos.

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