Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Interview with Dennis Spurling About Opportunities Abroad


The USA has a history. Throughout that history, many have come to this country and found enormous opportunities for the pursuit of wealth and happiness.  For others, they have found a road paved with obstacles.  Whether those obstacles were the result of driving down the highway or seeking job opportunities, they have had

doors shut in their faces or their faces slammed on the concrete for a shake down. The people most often facing the unfortunate circumstances have been black men from the US.

To avoid the shake downs or closed doors, many of those black men have opened their eyes to life in other countries.  There they are finding a culture that embraces them.  They are opening businesses, networking and finding women who shower them with affection and traditional values.  For those not seeking love, they are finding women who have preserved a feminine mindset and have a much healthier attitude towards men.  Aside from having doors closed in their faces, many black men have noted the lack of femininity from women in the US.

To explore the realities of the good times and business ventures, we will have a guest who has seen it first hand for years.  His name is Dennis Spurling, Esq.   

Dennis is an entrepreneur and practicing attorney.  His area of expertise in law is personal injury.  He has also used his entrepreneurial skills to exploit opportunities in other countries.  Over the years, he has built an
enormous global network and learned the ins and outs of doing business abroad.  He has also learned the value of embracing the culture of the women who live there.

Join us for an educational and thought provoking discussion about seeking opportunities abroad.

Sunday, December 6, from 7:00pm-9:00pm (EST) at Straight Talk with Ted Santos.

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