Sunday, September 27, 2020

Are Women Afraid to Commit in Relationships?

We always hear how dedicated women are.  Yet, women file about 80% of
divorces.  If that is a sign of commitment, I have been clueless about
commitment my entire life.  To my understanding, marriage vows are for
richer and poorer and sickness and health.  I guess since the vows say
nothing about sex and irreconcilable differences most divorces can be
justified, at least in a woman¹s mind.

For centuries, we have been taught that women give their all.  They are
committed to their families.  However, if you strip all the layers off, you
may find these have all been lies.

If you doubt me, engage a woman in an extremely intimate conversation about
herself.  Or have an intimate and adult conversation about sex.  In those
kinds of conversations, she has to reveal herself, unless she is a great
actress ­ liar.

When you have those kinds of conversations, you find out how interested she
is in you.  You also find out how really brave she is. Many women have fears
they never discuss with men.  They claim they never reveal everything to a
man to keep little mystery. Mystery can also be code word for deceit.

What are women really afraid of?  If you are willing to share your body with
a man, why not share all of your thoughts? Furthermore, how can a woman ever
expect a man to commit to her if she is withholding the essence of the
relationship ­ intimacy and vulnerability?

Let¹s open the floodgates to see if women are brave enough to engage in real
relationship conversations.  Or will we find out that women are so afraid of
being hurt that they hide themselves from a man. By hiding, in the end, the
man walks and she gets the very thing she feared ­ abandonment.  Does that
make women masters of self-fulfilling prophecies?

Let¹s do this. Join an intimate discussion about relationships.

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