Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Here’s Why You Are Inadvertently a Huge Trump Supporter

Perhaps there has never been such disdain for a president of the US as there has been for President Trump.  While the majority of the US population voted for his opponent, Hilary Clinton, the electorate votes made Trump the winner.  Therefore, more than half of the US citizens opposed President Trump from the beginning.  Yet, in their desire to invalidate him, they will ensure he
is re-elected. 

President Trump is a businessman.  While many will argue whether or not he is successful, it is fair to say he makes a living conducting various types of business deals.  When you combine that with his attitude towards deregulation and tax cuts, the business community, including Wall Street, is quite enthusiastic about him being in the White House.  As a result, in less than one year, $5 trillion has been added to the US economy.  And the stock market has performed better during his presidency than it has ever in the stock market’s 200-year history. 

In addition, they are predicting the economy will have strong growth over the coming four years.  With that said, it would seem people would favor a president who is good for the economy. 

Well, President Trump makes comments in the media, including Twitter that have enraged more than a few.  And he has alienated women, immigrants and some minorities.  Those enraged people seem to have made it their mission to find a reason to impeach President Trump.  To do that, they have to stay abreast of every move he makes. 

That means people are reading every tweet he makes.  They read every article in favor or against him.  And they are watching everything the television has to say about him.  For the media, that means more people reading the paper and watching TV.  There is also an increase in on-line traffic to stay on top of the latest incident that could lead to possible impeachment of President Trump. 

As you can imagine, the President has become a godsend for sinking ratings on network television.  As president, he has most likely outperformed his high ratings from his show The Apprentice.  What does that do for the media?

I will assume there are more people buying and subscribing to newspapers since President Trump was nominated to the Republican Party than in the past several years.  I assert there are people who, in the past, did not care much for politics who are now buying papers and magazines they ignored before the 2016 election.  With more newspapers sold, the papers can make the case for why companies should advertise in their publication. That also makes it possible for them to charge more to advertise. 

That kind of stimulus will require print media to buy more paper.  Furthermore, print and television will be motivated to hire more sales people.  That means since President Trump took office, more jobs were created.  As advertising increases on-line, TV and print, more people are hired to create the ads.  With increased ad pricing, there is more disposable income from price increases and additional jobs.  Those people will buy clothes, cars, houses, washers and dryers, carpet, vacations, etc.  All that activity stimulates the economy and more job creation – the multiplier effect. 

However, this all occurs from the people who claim to dislike the elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.  That hatred has sparked so much activity that it actually has stimulated the economy.  At the end of four years, President Donald Trump will have a fantastic story of enormous proportions.  He will be able to say he has stimulated the economy better than any president in the history of the US.  And it will be all because of you.        

What do you think? I would love to hear your feedback. And I’m open to ideas. Or if you want to write me about a specific topic, let me know.

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  1. A very interesting point of view, as you say whether you like him or hate him he is getting the job done.