Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What’s More Important Than Knowledge?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" – Albert Einstein

Why would one of the smartest people in history say something so counterintuitive? We are taught to depend on knowledge; that it is power.  Furthermore, we are taught to depend on knowledge that was created by others.  We spend countless hours studying and memorizing knowledge others conjured up in their imagination.  After memorizing what we studied, our intelligence is assessed.  If we retained most of the knowledge created by others, we are deemed intelligent. 

However, knowledge is from
the past. In some cases, it is obsolete for the future. Too often, the future requires knowledge that does not exist because no one has invented it.  When it is finally invented, it will come from someone’s imagination.   

True imagination is often conjured up from nothing. Perhaps that is what makes it more difficult than learning knowledge that others created.  At the same time, if you allow yourself to think from nothing – suspend all thought and allow yourself to be with nothing – you will be amazed at the possibilities that enter your mind.

When you allow yourself to enter the world of imagination, knowledge is invented. All the great inventors who have provided us with knowledge for us to learn know this. They invented knowledge from nothing. 

What knowledge will you invent today?

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