Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Letter To the President

As a result of the continued violence in the US, I am taking a stand for the safety of every man, woman and child. In a nation where we may have taken certain liberties for granted, there is one right that has not been considered. That is the right to feel emotionally protected. The person who could make this liberty a reality is the President of the United States. Below is a letter I have written to encourage him to join me in my stand.

Dear Mr. President,

In the US, we have a constitution that protects our freedom of speech, religion, press, etc. Furthermore, we have a military that is unmatched and protects us from outside threats. Yet, the greatest threat reoccurs from inside this great nation. And a critical step to end this disaster is to
amend the constitution. 

As people protest the use of guns, they fail to see the source of the problem for the rise in murder. While it seems that a ban on guns will eliminate deadly attacks, it leaves an open wound that has yet to be addressed by these protestors. Very few have stopped to ask what is the cause for this epidemic of violence.  

As a nation, most people live on the emotional edge of fear. From a child, we are ridiculed, teased and taunted. As we become adults, we are made to feel less than others because of the home we live in or the car we drive and the clothes we wear. There are constant reminders that we are too beautiful, fat, tall or short. We even have a problem when people are smart. Worse yet, we have grown to believe that this abusive behavior is part of being a human being. This form of making people feel less than they are is emotional abuse and it promotes fear and hatred. Until we change the way we treat one another, we can only expect violence to self perpetuate.

To many, it may seem trivial and common sense to be emotionally safe. If our constitution were amended to address the right to feel emotionally protected, it would enforce a basic human decency for the first time in the history of the human race. This amendment is analogous to slavery in the 18th Century. Slavery was a way of life and there was nothing anyone could do about it except for those who had the guts to escape. At the same time, our founding fathers had the courage to write a constitution that stated all men are created equal. Yet, most would find their declaration hypocritical because the founding fathers owned slaves. Nevertheless, without the declaration that all men are created equal, there would be no possibility of individuals fighting for their right to be treated equally, from voting to getting an education.

Here we are at another stage in human development. We have already eliminated slavery in the US. We have created basic physical safety through our military and police force. Except, the vicious assaults that reoccur do not happen in a vacuum. If the bullies, charlatans and conmen knew they were violating a civil liberty, they would have to rethink their approach. If less people felt emotionally abused, the citizens would be less likely to lash out at others in a violent manner.
Therefore, I urge you to unite our legislators to stand up and enforce the right for all US citizens to be emotionally protected and take on this initiative to unite the nation. It is an opportunity to make history and lead the world in the profoundest form of human rights and leave your legacy for generations to come. 


Ted Santos
The Board of Veteran CEOs

What do you think? I’m open to ideas. Or if you want to write me about a specific topic, let me know. 


  1. Dignity, and respect for Humanity. Reminding your family members, friends or a acquaintance of there attributes, and their strengths. Realizing we are create equal. To me this whole thing with individuals becoming deadly did not happen overnight. It was a process. As Ted stated maybe if we went back in time and this person where treated in a different more humane fashion the out come might be different. We will never know, he is the recipient of his own violence, and insanity as well as 26 other human beings. The one thing I do know is the status quo is not working. I also know that the Constitution, the President, the government these ambiguous powerful entities will not be able to stop this on its own. It is We The People. I know treating our fellow man with dignity, respect, and compassion does make a difference in peoples lives. I know this from my own personal experiences of receiving as well as giving.

    1. Thanks, Marilyn. I agree. When you are empowering and standing for the people you know, you are in a great place. We are equal and we each bring something unique to the table. You're right. It is We The People who can make this country what we want it to be. And it will never happen unless each of us commits to being responsible for doing something to make sure it happens. The government only represents We The People. Their actions will only reflect what the people stand for.