Sunday, December 15, 2019

Do Celebrities Influence Women More Than Men?

Many people claim the media does not influence them.  Yet, celebrities initially present the latest hairstyles, clothes, body images and slogans.  Then it is later
adopted as a fad by mainstream society.  This has been happening for decades. 

When you look at classy women like Lena Horne, Katherine Hepburn and Ava Gardner, it affected how women dressed at that time as well as their femininity.  These women promoted a healthy lifestyle, like marriage, children, career and physical health.  Even if they were sassy or sexy, it was not designed to be crass or demean another.   

When you fast-forward to Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Lizzo, the media is now projecting a very different image of women.  Unlike their peers of the past, these women promote promiscuity, single motherhood and fake body parts.  Does this affect the way women see themselves? 

For men you had Joe Louis, Clark Gable and Jimmy Dean.  Those men were smooth, courageous and masculine.  Like the ladies of their time, they exuded class.  While there are many male images today, people like Lil Wayne, Eminem and Jay-Z are prominent.  Part of what these men tell you is that it is perfectly normal to be crude or take on a life of crime.  Is this really the message we want to send to young men? 

While it is true, a percentage of men will emulate the male celebrities.  Most men do not aspire to be Lil Wayne or Jay-Z.  Furthermore, women like Lizzo are found to be repulsive to most men.  Some of the other women, like Nicki Minaj, present themselves as good for sex, but nothing more.  At the same time, too many women find Jay-Z and other thugs or reformed thugs to be an ideal man.  Women have gone as far as saying “I want some thug love.”  This gives men a tough decision to make.  Do I become a hard working man who wants a stable family with a loving wife?  Or do I choose the path of thug life so I can have my choice of women?

As a society, we get to choose what is acceptable.  As long as we embrace images that promote physically or mentally unhealthy lifestyles, the media will continue to shove it down our throats. 

It is safe to say most women desire a masculine man who is still a gentleman.  And men want a woman who is classy, caring and feminine.  As men, the choice is ours.  In every community, men take the last stand.  If the media is waging war on our mindset, men can make demands to keep things in line with what works best for the whole. 

Join me in this stand to discuss what is acceptable from men and women.         

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