Sunday, September 8, 2019

Here Is Why She Is Not Qualified to Build Generational Wealth With You

In the past, marriages were arranged.  Those arranged marriages allowed families to choose a partner that could best protect and grow the family’s wealth.  Instead of your son or daughter choosing the person they loved most, parents sought the most suitable person based family compatibility and assets.  That allowed each generation to become wealthier.  For example, a family with a substantial amount of
cattle would marry their son to a family with a large amount of land.  That merger allowed the cattle business to grow into several directions – selling meat for consumption, hide for leather, milk, etc. 

For the past 150 years, it seems most people marry in the name of love.  There is very little to no parental influence when it comes to the choice of a spouse.  That means the wisdom of parents is no longer leveraged.  And people are flying blindly when they seek love and compatibility.  The result?  It appears it is not working.  The divorce rate has skyrocketed.  Furthermore, the gap between the rich and poor has also increased.  

In the 21st Century, it seems many people are becoming discouraged with marriage.  Marriage rates are dropping.  

However, marriage for the affluent has not dropped.  In addition, their divorce rates are much lower than the general population.  Why?  It seems they focus more on compatibility than love.  While love is in the air, they first make sure there are values they share in common.  Those values are what maintain and grow wealth.  Those same values keep the couple together in hard times. 

With that said, as a man, how do you know if the women who caught your eye is qualified to spend the rest of her life with you.  At some point, looks diminish.  What’s left to keep you together in holy matrimony? 

Before you pull that ring out to propose, hold it in your pocket.  We are going to explore women who are strictly Venetian flytraps and those who can help put you onto the path of generational wealth.         

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