Sunday, July 5, 2020

Why the F__ Are Women Defining Manhood in the US?

In the US, women cackle about what it means to be a man.  In addition, they believe all men should get in touch with their feminine side to prove they are real men.  Unfortunately, many men have followed these instructions only to be
put in the friend zone.  Meanwhile, men who comfortably embrace their caveman masculinity have a line of women outside of their bedroom.  Why are men listening to women for anything? 

Over the past 45 years, women have made claims to be tough and independent.  Yet, as the US experiences record divorce rates, women are extracting resources from men.  If you were independent, why would you need money and material objects from a man you no longer want?  As this is happening, men are being shamed for not wanting to make alimony or child support payments.  Society has shamed men for wanting to stand up for themselves.  When men do stand up, they are labeled as toxic masculinity.  Who asked for a woman’s opinion when it comes to manhood?  Why are men listening? 

While all people are human beings, masculinity does not start when you become a legal adult.  It starts the day you are born.  Women, on the other hand, equate masculinity with a job or entrepreneurship.  Now that many women have jobs, they believe they have the right to be respected as men.  Is that how they want to be treated?  Manhood comes with a consequence.  You are disposable. 

Join me for a politically incorrect discussion that society has been afraid to have for decades.   

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