Sunday, August 30, 2020

Where Do Men Get Their Power?

All men have power.  How they exert it will always be unique.  While the source of their power may be obvious for some, it is not so for others.  If it were obvious for everyone, men would be
honored instead of disposable. 

For millennia, men have built civilizations.  Then they create a military to protect the citizens of the nation.  Men exude their power through creativity of the arts and architecture, medicine and machinery, sports and seafaring and many, many other activities that are an expression of our masculinity. 

However, for some reason, with all of the inventions that make life more convenient and safe, men still appear to be disposable.  Instead of being valued for our power and ingenuity, we are valued for our resources.  When we fail to provide adequate resources, we are deemed unlovable.  Only women, children and animals are allowed to receive love even if they provide no tangible value. 

While men have built all civilizations, the most obvious thing has been overlooked.  Before you can build a great and safe civilization, you need a vision.  Before you can have a vision, you must possess power.  The vision is simply an expression of that power.  At the same time, no one really discusses where all men get and learn about power.  When all men clearly understand where they get their power, it will be easier to share it.  When societies around the world understand that, men will have a greater appreciation for the way they interact with one another.  If you doubt me, remove all men from history.  Mankind would still be living in caves without fire, the wheel or any other invention and industry that demonstrated masculine power. 

Let’s discuss a new age of masculine power for the world to honor and celebrate.  But first, we need to understand where men get it.   

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