Sunday, July 19, 2020

Why Is It So Difficult for People or Communities to Change?

Throughout the world, it is common for people to give friends and family advice.  In some cases, it is helpful.  In other cases, it is good intentions gone bad.  A common suggestion is to get over it or move on.  Technically speaking those are code words for
“I’m unqualified to help you”.  That gets me to the bigger point. 

One of the reasons it is difficult to change or transform mindset is because of our environment.  Our environment consists of friends, family, school teachers, books, movies, news, TV shows and now the internet.  In some cases, people mean well and want to help.  In other cases, you could be surrounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Why does this matter?  Your environment contains all the information you have acquired throughout your life.  The most your environment can do is reinforce what you already know. 

If you break from your environment, you face a social risk.  If you challenge the reality of your environment, you risk social alienation.  That could mean deprivation of all good memories associated with your environment.  Most will not take that risk.  In addition, your entire identity is clothed by your environment.  Abandoning your environment could leave you feeling naked.  From another perspective, the loss of identity could even feel like death. 

While this may sound extreme, these are spoken and unspoken rules of our social construct.  Escaping them may seem like it takes as much effort as climbing Mount Everest.  Let’s dismantle the many myths surrounding change and provide solutions that free people from repeating unproductive cycles. 

To increase the value of such an earth shattering discussion, I will have an extraordinary guest.  He has such an eclectic background that he has seen life from many perspectives.  Many of you know him as Seven Smalls.  He is a licensed mental health practitioner who has worked with people of all ages.  That experience has increased his commitment to the health and well being of people. 

Tonight, Sunday, July 19, from 7:00pm-9:00pm (EST) at Straight Talk with Ted Santos.

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