Sunday, January 26, 2020

Have Men Lost Interest in Dating?

This is not an opinion piece.  So don’t shoot the messenger. 

Over the past 10 years, there has been a significant drop in marriage rates.  On one hand, women complain there is a smaller pool of eligible single men.  On the other, men have stated there is a smaller pool of
desirable women.  What does it all mean?

As more women enter the workforce, they obtain higher paying jobs.  In the past, those jobs would have gone to men.  Now that women fill those positions, men are displaced.  Since there are a finite number of jobs in the US, men take lower paying jobs or remain unemployed.  Currently, there are about 7 million men who may never find a job.  Part of this is due to displacement by women.  The other displacements occur because of technology and outsourcing. 

At the same time, women are shouting they have their own money and no longer need a man.  Many women have elected to raise their children without the presence of the father.  As a result, there are women who claim they can play the role of mother and father.  When it comes to dating, they remain in the mindset of being a man and women.  For men, this is an undesirable situation.  Men yearn for the affection of a feminine woman.  However, when the woman believes she is as much a man as the guy she is dating, the man is deprived of the femininity he was seeking.  In that situation, the woman is competing for something she has no idea how to be – a man. 

This is the 21st Century woman.  And women demand that men accept it.  While all of this new age feminism is happening, women still expect men to play traditional roles.  When dating, he is expected to pay for everything.  For men, this is not a good deal.  If money is used to invest, the man is not getting a good return on his investment if the femininity he seeks is not being made available.  In fact, in too many cases, the woman believes her presence alone should be enough to make the man happy. 

For many men, that formula is not working.  As a result, men have created movements like MGTOW (men go their own way), SYSBM (save yourself black man), INCEL (involuntarily celibate), etc. 

One of the outcomes of this new social structure is there is a record number of men under 30 who are virgins.  Many of these men would have been considered good candidates for marriage 35+ years ago.  However, since many women in the US desire the “bad boy”, many of these men are overlooked.  They don’t fit the bad boy profile.  Instead, women accept the “hook up” culture with bad boys. 

I didn’t even touch the growing number of adult females who rape under age boys.   

What are the unintended consequences of this new social construct?  Is society actually benefiting by putting more women in the workforce than men?  What will happen to the family?  Or have men become irrelevant to women?    

These and many more questions will be answered on tonight’s show.  Join us! 

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