Sunday, October 20, 2019

Would You Date Your Best Friend’s Ex?

Dating is becoming increasingly complex in the US.  While social constructs are being turned upside down, dating rules have stayed the same.  Women earn more than men.  Yet, men are still responsible for financing dates.  When you add high divorce rates, the fear of infidelity and an enormous amount of unemployed men, dating becomes an almost impossible task.  This has resulted in a
stand off between men and women.  And no one is winning.

With that said, finding a qualified dating partner is becoming more than it is worth for some.  For eons, people have found comfort dating someone in their immediate environment.  That reduces the effort to find a potential mate.  It can be better when the person is a known entity in your social circles.  It could make it a safer and more comfortable choice.  There are many who want to avoid the date from hell. 

However, what if the person you desire is the ex of your best friend?  Should that person be off limits?  The benefit is you have a good idea as to who they are.  The flipside is it may force your best friend to still have to interact with them.  Can that create jealousy between you and your best friend if the relationship works out for you?  And will it add drama to your life?  Or should you reconsider whether or not your best friend is a wise decision maker?  Perhaps your best friend got rid of the person because they were too good to be true. 

Most people may have faced this situation at some point in their lives.  How many will admit it?  Lets open it up. 

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