Sunday, October 27, 2019

Do Strippers Make Good Wives?

At one point, being a stripper was an embarrassment to your family.  Some women did it in secret as a way to work their way through college or earn extra money.  In today’s environment, women applaud one another for being a stripper.  Even the female President of the NAACP, Dr. Cheyenne Bryant,
 condoned stripping (as seen in photo).  As a result, many educated women consider it as a serious path to make a living.  How does a profession go from being an embarrassment to being a badge of honor?  Are there consequences?

The irony is many women complain that men objectify them.  Yet, more and more women find themselves presenting themselves as sexual objects – strippers.  Sometimes a stripper is a carrot on a string.  Men watch her dance.  Or they receive a lap dance from her.  In some cases, they pay just to have an exclusive conversation with her.  For many strippers, if the price is right, she will give the man what he desires most, sex. 

However, the reason men go to strip clubs may not be to have sex.  There are men who frequent them as an escape from their day-to-day monotony.  It can simply be a guy’s night out and an opportunity to socialize.  At the same time, outside the club, men are condemned for viewing women as objects.  In the club, those social constraints are lifted and men see women as sexually desirable.

While there are many men who see strippers as entertainment, even in a relationship, there are men who believe they make good wives.  They believe she understands how to hustle.  They may also believe she will be sexy and a good lover.  Is that enough to make a marriage work?  Strippers experience a number of insecurities about themselves.  Those insecurities can make her wonder why a man is interested in her.  In addition, their view of men could affect their attitudes towards sex and intimacy.  They may have been overly exposed to sex and may see sex and intimacy as a transaction.  That is not counting the fact many strippers are not the best at managing money.  They have worked in an environment where it was easy to earn more money.  So they spent it freely.  

While there are pros and cons of marrying a stripper, it is not for everyone.  Let’s have a raw and open conversation about men, strippers and sexual attitudes. 

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