Sunday, September 22, 2019

What Do You Do When You Find the One and You Are Not the One For the One?

As children, we are taught about finding that special person.  That person is called the “One”.  They are the person who makes us feel special and we want to spend the rest our lives with them.  We even tell the world that we have found our soul mate.  However, are we told how to
prepare for that soul mate?  What happens when the one you call soul mate sees you as a time killer?  In other words, they don’t feel about you the way you feel about them. 

There are many stories of people marrying the second runner up.  And they lament about what could have happened if they would have married their soul mate.  What they don’t talk about is what their soul mate needed in a mate. 

To make matters worse, they compare everyone else to the “one” who got away.  Yet, they never consider that they did not measure up to the one who got away. 

With that said, people spend an inordinate amount of time teaching their children to find the “one”.  It seems they forget to teach their children how to prepare and develop themselves for their soul mate.  In a society where women chant “I don’t need a man”, it is hard to see how a woman with that mindset will ever be prepared for the “one”.  The joke for that woman is that she should start collecting cats. 

This topic will be eye opening for some and earth shattering for others.  Nevertheless, it may be the most important conversation you will have in your life. 

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